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Terms of purchase

Terms of purchase

Terms of purchase

Company information
Company name: Dermolex Kft.
Seat: 9931 Hegyhátszentmárton, hrsz. 4/2. Hungary
Phone: +36 70 660 1736
Mailing address: 1625 Budapest, Pf. 41. Hungary
e-mail address: info [at] dermolex [dot] hu
Company registration number: 18-09-113510

Product selection
The customer has the opportunity to choose or order from the products of the store. The customer can click on the selected product to view its detailed description. If you intend to purchase, you want to place the product you want to buy in a virtual basket by clicking the "Add to Cart" button. By clicking on the "View" button in the Cart, you will find the products placed in the cart during the purchase, as well as the total amount of the invoice and the shipping cost. Here they can check the correctness of their order, especially the prices and quantities, which they can also modify or improve as required. The cart automatically calculates the total amount of the order.

Sending the order
If you think the quantity of products in your cart is correct, you have checked the total amount and decided that you want to buy them, you can simply click on the "Checkout" button. In our store you can buy without registration, so you can choose from three options:
• whether you want to log in as an already registered customer
• you want to register as a new customer
• You may want to buy without registration
If you have previously purchased from our store, enter the email address and password you provided during your previous registration. If you want to register as a new customer, enter your purchase information, which will be stored by the system, and you only need to log in the next time you make a purchase. For purchases without registration, enter your billing and shipping address.
In the next step, select the appropriate shipping method for you:
•    Home delivery
Next, you'll need to choose a payment method that's right for you:
• bank transfer - (when placing your order, we will notify you by e-mail that your order is in "pending status" as soon as the amount transferred has arrived in our bank account, we will activate your order and we will send you all the necessary additional information by e-mail)
• Paypal payment - (online payment method by credit card through the secure Paypal system)
If you agree with the contents of the order, click the "Order" button to submit the order.

Our prices are the list prices valid at the time of the order, which can be found next to the products in the web store. Prices are gross prices, however, these prices do not include shipping costs. The shipping cost can be found during the checkout process before the order is finalized as well as in the Purchase Conditions. If there is an error or defect in the products or prices in the web store, we reserve the right to make corrections. In this case, we will inform the customer of the new data immediately after recognizing or modifying the error. The buyer can then reaffirm the order or have the option of either party withdrawing from the contract.

Order processing
Orders will be processed within 24 hours.

Possibility to correct data entry errors
You have the option of correcting data entry errors before pressing the "Order" button.

We send email feedback on all orders. This means that after you place your order, you will receive an automatic email about the receipt of your order and (later) one about your expected delivery date. In the case of a telephone consultation, call customer service or any of the telephone numbers in the email.

Payment Terms
In our store it is possible to make a bank transfer, Paypal or credit card payment.

Shipments are delivered and delivered by the local postal service provider. The delivery time of the product is described by the webshop during the checkout process and is also included in the confirmation e-mail.

Shipping charges
Our shipping charges may vary from country to country and we only ship to countries specified by us.

Withdrawal from delivery
If the webshop fails to fulfill its obligations under the contract because the goods specified in the contract are not available to it or it is not possible to provide the ordered service, it is obliged to inform the customer about this. The online store does not enter into contracts with minors. By accepting the terms and conditions, the customer declares that he is of legal age.

Return of the product
We return the product only in its original condition and packaging, in its complete quantity and quality.

Information on the terms of the contract
The language of concluding the contract is Hungarian, the concluded contract is considered to be concluded in writing. The concluded contract will not be registered, it will not be available afterwards.

Right of withdrawal / Return guarantee
The customer may withdraw from the contract without giving any reasons within eight working days. The customer can exercise the right of withdrawal from the day he received the goods. The seller is obliged to refund the amount paid by the customer immediately after receiving the goods returned free of damage and use, but no later than within thirty days after the withdrawal.
The Buyer may not exercise the right of withdrawal if he has opened the packaging of the ordered cosmetic product and / or has already started its intended use.
The customer shall bear the costs incurred in connection with the return of the goods due to the exercise of the right of withdrawal. In addition, no other costs are borne by the customer. However, the seller may claim compensation for damage resulting from improper use of the goods. If the goods returned under the right of withdrawal are not in perfect, resaleable condition, the customer is obliged to pay compensation if he caused the deterioration, destruction or other impossibility of returning the goods intentionally or through negligence.
If the product is found to be damaged during the opening in the presence of the delivery person (courier) and the damage occurred before the receipt of the goods, we will ensure the return of the product and the cancellation of the sale immediately. Any kind of damage or lack of content during the delivery of the consignment must be included in the factual report between the transferor and the transferee! We cannot be held responsible for any subsequent lack of content or damage!

Ownership clause
The delivered goods remain the property of the supplier until the full payment of the purchase price. In the event of erroneous, non-accepted orders, the product will be taken into stock on behalf of the “new” owner, and the consideration will be paid to the new owner after another successful sale!

Modify or cancel an order
When the order is placed, the software of the seller's web store is immediately notified to the buyer about the fact that the order has been placed. This notice does not constitute a contract between the seller and the buyer! It merely indicates to the buyer that your order request has been registered by our system and forwarded to the seller's competent employee.

If the buyer does not receive it within 48 hours, the buyer's bidding obligations will be terminated.
The seller gives the buyer the opportunity to cancel the order electronically until the start of the order. When starting the fulfillment of the order, the customer will be notified by e-mail about the fact of the fulfillment of the order, after that it is only possible to cancel the order via one of the written contacts under the "Contact" menu item.

Subsequent modifications to the order can only be made in writing, by e-mail sent to the e-mail address